Martell - Where the Cognac is made

What is Martell?

Martell is one of the most famous Cognac around the world.

Martell Cognac distillery is situated in the town centre of Cognac, in France, in the region of the Charente, not far from Saintes and Bordeaux.

What is the Cognac?

Cognac is a particular quality of brandy.

On our dedicated post about the Cognac you can read all about the Cognac, its history, its production and its museum.

What is this post about?

This post is about our visit to the amazing Martell distillery in Cognac.

Martell distillery is open to public and offers a very interesting insight on the way the Cognac is produced and a very interesting history of the label and the way Martell become one of the most famous Cognac in the world.

What is to see at Martell distillery?

Martell distillery offers you a wonderful tour in the production of the most famous brandy of the world.

In the French town of Cognac the most famous Cognac distilleries of the world produce Cognac and most of them are open to the public.

Martell distillery offers one of the most complete tours with a final Cognac tasting.

You can visit the original distillery where from 1715 Cognac is produced.

A collection of the personal objects owned by the founder of Martell distillery opens the exhibition.

Martell distillery was founded by a man from Jersey, Channel Islands, his name was Jean Martell.

The visit continues with an interesting visit of the distilleries where you can understand the production techniques before to browse around the huge collection of Martell bottles and qualities.

And finally relax for your Cognac tasting (included in the price) and nuy some great quality Cognac in the Martell boutique.

What else can I visit in Cognac?

You can visit the Museum of Cognac: click here to visit the museum on-line.

Where can I go after having visited Cognac?

Visit the beautiful Town of Saintes, in the heart of the Charente Maritime. Click here to visit the Town of Saintes.

Where I can read more about eno-gastronomic products typically French?

    A huge thanks goes to Aurelie Simonnet, super expert and super passionate about the wonderful Cognac!

What else should I visit in France?

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