What to see in Bordeaux? - An Itinerary already made for 2 days in Bordeaux - Discovering Bordeaux #4

Bordeaux is one of the most famous towns in France.

The name Bordeaux immediately evocks France and its wines (but for this I made a dedicated post visiting St Emilion).

Bordeaux is also famous as the little Paris (although if you visit Nantes they will tell you that is Nantes the little Paris...).

There are really dozens of good reasons to visit Bordeaux in France. 

Here is a suggested itinerary ready for you to visit the best Bordeaux has to offer.

First Day

Start walking in the town and admire at least one of the many medieval gates that were one time protecting the town, like the one below. Although the old walls have been destroyed the gates have been preserved and they are absolutely wonderful.

Enjoy the beautiful architecture of the city centre, its palaces, its squares and the beautiful shops. Rue Sainte-Catherine is the street of the shopping, but if you are looking for something more alternative like vintage and antiques your quarter is the Quartier des Chartrons, just North of Place des Quinconces. There trendy furniture and clothes shops are waiting for you, next to antiquities shops, small bars and restaurants.

Head to the heart of Bordeaux, La Place de la Bourse, the most famous and iconi square of the town.
(Click here to read our dedicated post about La Place de la Borse in Bordeaux).

Have a look of Bordeaux from the sky before to have a nice and enjoyable walk along the river Gironde. 

In the Square Place de Quinconces (pictured above) you will be able to admire a beautiful fountain and monument and from the panoramic wheel one of the best views of Bordeaux 
(click here for our dedicated post about Bordeaux from the sky and the Square Place de Quinconces).

Finally spend the evening walking or cycling along the river (direction North) enjoying the light of the sunset over the town.

Then head to the trendy quarter of Chartrons (photo above) where bars, restaurants and individual shops wait for the evening and for a more relaxed and chilled atmosphere than in the town centre.

And if you have time look for Victor Hugo house in Rue de la Course. 

Second day.

Your second day starts with a visit to Bordeaux Cathedral (below) and then to the beautiful Museum d'Aquitaine, in my opinion one of the most beautiful and interesting little museums in France. 
The Museum is free and it will help you having an understanding of the history of Bordeaux and of the region and provide a very good shelter for a rainy day, if you are wondering: "What's to see in Bordeaux when it rains?".

After having visited the Museum walk along the river Garonne direction South to enjoy one of the most iconic corners of Bordeaux at the historic CafĂ© Bar Grand Castan and the monumental Victory Square (Place de la Victoire, pictured below). 

Then take one of the frequent trains running in forty minutes to the most beautiful vineyards in France and visit the historic village of Saint Emilion

The town is visited each year by more than 1 million visitors.
Saint Emilion is part of the Unesco heritage and it is considered one of the best preserved towns in the world for wine production. Read our dedicated post.

Alternatively if you like the sea and you prefer to relax one day at the beach, head to Archachon, where you can visit the highest dunes in Europe.

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Click here to read about the highest dune in Europe, an hour away from Bordeaux.

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This post has been made thanks to the great help and support of Anne Sophie from Bordeaux.

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