What to see in Pisa? Don't tell me you're going to miss the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa ?!

The statue of Cosimo I, Granduque of Tuscany in Piazza dei Cavalieri

The Leaning Tower is such a famous monument worldwide, it is only an hour away by train from Santa Maria Novella, the main train station of Florence

If you are visiting Florence, you should not miss a day trip to Pisa. But not just to see the Leaning Tower!

So jump on a train to the medieval town of Pisa and don't miss the chance to admire the beautiful Tower in the large green “Field of the Miracles”.

Piazza dei Cavalieri, Knights Square, in our opinion one of the most beautiful squares in Italy
You can buy a cheaper comprehensive ticket which will also allow you to visit the nearby Cathedral and Baptistery

You will love the wonderful mosaics and the great view from the top of the Tower. 

But Pisa has much more to offer you. 

Pisa Coat of arms

Leave Campo dei Miracoli and walk to Piazza dei Cavalieri, the “Knights' Square”, and enjoy the beautiful decorations of the Knights' Palace, masterpiece of Giorgio Vasari. 

Piazza dei Cavalieri is in the heart of the university area and you can easily eat at one of the many restaurants and bars for the students and experience the best of real Italian food and at a good price too! 

After lunch walk along the main street, Borgo Stretto, where beautiful medieval buildings, old arches and cloisters, house the best shops in town. 

Then, at dusk, don't miss a romantic walk along the river Arno.

A map of Pisa - What to see in Pisa - Pisa best attractions map

The Arno River connecting Pisa to Florence

The Arno river offers a wonderful promenade at sunset
The famous Leaning Tower, fantastic at night!
Walking along the river is the best way to see Pisa and the best of its architecture and you should stop for an “aperitivo”, the traditional drink before dinner. 

So, ask for a glass of Prosecco and enjoy the view!

Pisa has an International Airport and is very well connected to Europe. Main European low cost air companies fly to Pisa.

Read here how to get to Pisa.

We hope you enjoyed our post and our photos.

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If visiting Pisa, plan also to visit Florence, Cinque Terre and Porto Venere all two hours away from Pisa!