Have you ever been to the city of the Palio?

The famous Mangia Tower in Piazza del Campo is the symbol of Siena.
Siena is one of the best preserved Medioeval towns in Tuscany and in Italy
What Siena has to be so special?

Let's face it: nearly every town in Tuscany has something to be considered "Special".

Think at Pisa, for example, with its world wide famous Leaning Tower or Florence with The Cathedral and Ponte Vecchio... How can you  say they are not special?

But Siena is special because in Tuscany is the best preserved medioeval large town and one of the most interesting in Italy.

Siena didn't undergo the same changes as Florence, Pisa or Lucca during the Reinassance period.

It is still medioeval today.

Take the Palio the famous horse race in Piazza del Campo, it is exactly as it was in Medioeval time, nothing is changed.

And Palio still is at the center of Siena's daily life!

It is incredible!

Go in Siena and you feel litteraly back living in the Middle Age!

Here some info and an itinerary ready for you in few lines!

The wonderful Medioeval buildings lining in Piazza del Campo

Piazza del Campo and the Cathedral Tower behind.

One of the best times to visit Piazza del Campo is just after sunset, when it is less busy.

Start your visit at the shell shaped Piazza del Campo where the Palio is held in front of the beautiful Mangia Tower.

Walk through the narrow medioeval streets, get a capuccino and seat in one of the many bars.

Enjoy browsing in the elegant shops in the old town, look for antiquities shops and handcrafts, then go to the Cathedral.

Allow yourself the time to admire the Cathedral, the interior is amazing!

Admire the beautiful Palazzo Salimbeni, the headquarters of one of the oldest banks in Europe: the Monte dei Paschi di Siena.

Climb along the medioeval walls and see the panorama of Siena at sunset.

The wonderful Cathedral of Siena, with its famous striped tower.

One of the best sights of Siena, as seen from the old walls.
How to get to Siena?

Fly to Pisa (read also How to get to Pisa) or Florence where the two main airports in Tuscany are situated.

From Pisa or Florence travel to Siena, both towns are well connected by bus or train, just straight from the airport.

Alternatively there is a daily bus service from Bologna Airport to Siena.

When in Siena use public transport or walk to move around.

Hiring a car is expensive and you would not make much use of it in Siena as most of the center is traffic free.

How ever you may consider renting a car if you are going to explore the beautiful countryside around Siena and the beautiful towns of San Gimignano, Pienza, Montepulciano, etc.

Where to stay in Siena?

Take time to look for the best suited accommodation for you.

Take in consideration that the town can be very noisy and hot.

Most depends if you have your own transport or not.

If you don't mind walking stay in the center and just walk in the old town to visit the most interesting attractions.

Consider also staying just outside Siena, in the countryside, if you look for some quiet and cheaper accommodation.

Many places are decently connect by bus to the town.

Book well an advance particularly when Palio is on and generally speaking during the Summer.

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