How to make great Galettes Bretonnes!

After having discovered the Camembert roti au miel our travel in the French traditional cusine continues with Blandine and Olivier from Laurenan, discovering this time how to make the great Galettes Bretonnes!

The Galettes Brettones around the world are sometimes known and famous as Crepes, but here we discovered how to make them properly: and they are really super tasty!

Here is what to do.

Start with mixing buckwheat  (Fagopyrum esculentum) and a little bit water, so to make a hard dough.

Work the dough more and more with your hands, till he gets quite hard and then keep working on the dough for longer.

Add some water and keep steering the dough till it become liquid, adding a bit of sea salt, then leave it to rest for around two hours.

After having left the dough rest for two hours, heat up a flat pan and start pouring a little of the liquid dough on the pan.

It should make a very thin crepe.

Then add what you like, for example: egg, ham, cheese, onions, or whatever else you like and close the crepe, or you can make it seet with chocolate powder or honey, or apples compote or whatever else you like.

Fold the crepe...

... and enjoy it!

This post would have been not possible without Blandine and Olivier Le Cloirec from Laurenan who prepared wonderful crepes with a lot of passion!  

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