The Cotswold Way - Hiking from Cheltenham to Birdlip - #6 Post

The famous Devil's Chimney on the way to Birdlip... and the church below!
What is this post about?

This post is about a great walk in England, for lovers of trekking, walking or just the English countryside.

We divided the Cotswold Way, one of the most beautiful long walks in England and United Kingdom, in sections and for each section we offer you some useful info to plan your walk and a short video of the walk.

This is section number 6 - from Cheltenham to Birdlip

What is the Cotswold Way?

The Cotswold Way is a wonderful walk in the heart of England, in the beautiful area of the Cotswold Hills near Bath.

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How is the walk from Cheltenham to Birdlip and what is to see along the walk?

From Cheltenham the Cotswold Way is not too far away and to rejoin.

You just have to walk South, towards Leckhampton, a quarter of Cheltenham with pretty red bricks houses and shady avenues.

At the end of the long avenue, Leckhampton Hill waits for the walker. 

A fierce scramble up to the steep hill leads to the top of it, where you can rejoin the Cotswold Way towards Birdlip.

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The walk offers great views over Cheltenham and passes next to the famous Cotswold's quarries where the limestone used to built the typical golden houses of this region is extracted.

Just after Leckhampton Hill it is possible to admire below, down the steep escarpment, the Devil's Chimney. 

The shape of the rock so called effectively resembles the one of a chimney. 

There is a church straight below the chimney, in the valley. 

So it is very likely that the Devil really used this chimney to throw stones to the people going to mass. 

At last a legend likely to be true! :-)

Passed the Devil's Chimney the path runs through fields and woods, offering great views towards Leckhampton Hill and the long path already walked. 

At the Air Balloon Pub starts a short, but extremely annoying, walk along a very busy section of the A417, busy with lots of traffic, till finally turning into the country towards Birdlip Hill and then Birdlip village. 

Birdlip village is nothing more than a pub and few nice houses, but at this point you will probably be tired after having walked little more than 6 miles and having endured the initial scramble up to Leckhampton Hill.

Also there are not other places reasonably near to stop in the area, as Painswick is certainly too further away and it make sense to rest one night in Birdlip before to attemp the next long stretch to the pretty village of Painswick.

The walk from Cheltenham to Birdlip along the Cotswold Way in England

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