Pons - A hidden jewel in the Cognac area

Do you know Pons?

Probably you don't know Pons, unless you live in France and, even if you live in France, it is still highly possible that you don't know about it, unless you live in the Cognac area.

Pons is not a famous villlage but is extremely pretty and relaxing and we recommend you to visit Pons if you are visiting the area between Saintes and Bordeaux.

What is so special about Pons?

Pons is a medieval town perfectly preserved.

Its walls and its castle are the main features of the town, but it is the general atmosphere of the place that makes Pons so special.

Situated on the top of a hill overlooking the valley towards the Cognac area, Pons is still well away from the mad tourist crowd.

You can relax at the café in the main square in front of the castle, now housing the council hall, or you can walk around its walls and you will be able to enjoy the architecture, some fresh air and a very relaxed atmosphere.

What else can I do when in Pons?

Pons is a perfect base if you want to visit the French region of La Charente.

From Pons you can:

- Visit Martell worldwide famous Cognac distillery and learn and taste one of the most fantastic drinks in the world.

- Visit the unique Museum of Cognac and learn all about Cognac

- Visit the pretty town of Saintes and enjoy its beautiful architecture and its Roman heritage

A huge thanks goes to Aurelie Simonnet, super expert and super passionate about the wonderful Cognac!

What else should I visit in France?

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