Wang castle is one of the most spectacular castles in China.
It is certainly worth a visit if you are planning to visit the area around Pingyao. 

Visiting Castles in China.

Visiting castles in China is not one of the most common ways to visit this wonderful country, but I have the feeling it will become a much more popular interest in the following years.

An organized trip brought me to visit one of the most spectacular castles in the world.

China is not normally associated with wonderful castles and you would not assume that in China there are fantastic castles, instead there are.

Wang Castle, not far from the wonderful medieval town of Pingyao, is a fantastic, idyllic Castle.

Wang Castle is designed in typical Chinese fashion and it is made of hundreds of beautiful courtyards accurately decorated and built in stone and wood.

The courtyards are surrounded by huge walls and to a wonderful panorama that makes Wang Castle so special.

It is also the setting that make Wang Castle so special. Wang Castle is built on the side of the mountains and overlooks a huge wild and bare valley, brown and unspoiled and somehow the landscape is reminiscent of the American canyons.

The castle is made by more than a hundred courtyards, but it is the general feeling that surround this castle that makes this building so amazing.

It is still retain the feeling of a dangerous and isolated post,  beaten by the wind, lonely in the bare mountains.

You can almost imagine the people of the castles walking slowly in the courtyards and the soldiers constantly looking towards the horizon to prevent an enemy attack.

You can imagine the sky starry at night or the rain falling dawn heavily and the daily life going on at Wang Castle.

An overview of Wang Castle from the main gate.
The complicated architecture of Wang Castle. Wonderful China.

One of the many wonderful courtyards. Note the wonderful wood windows and terraces. 

The amazing lansdcape around Wang Castle makes the place special.

I love the shade of grey of the walls of the castle, the decorated inscriptions at the entrance of each courtyard, the dust lifted by the wind and the bang of the wooden doors.

I love the perfect architecture of the castle, the two main roads  crossing each other exactly in the centre.

You can almost feel that the place is still alive.

It is a unique and unmissable experience to visit Wang Castle, it is ages away from modern China and you will certainly enjoy the unique feeling of the area.

If you visit China you should absolutely visit Wang Castle, it is fabulous, I would say oniric in his shape and his majesty.

How to visit Wang Castle?

Unfortunately it is not easy visit Wang Castle with your own means.

It is away in the middle of nowhere a good 50 miles out of the touristy town of Pingyao.

The best solution is probably to enquire in one of the many hostels in town for an organized trip to the castle. It is usually well organized and fairly inexpensive.

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