Pingyao grew and prospered as a financial centre in medieval times and everything left of any importance is related to  that time and those vocation like many wonderful building and courtyards like the one in this photo.


The locals seem sometime to walk aimlessly around the town in Pingyao.

I wonder if the locals are happy to live in Pingyao or they feel they stuck here in an eventful city that after its impressive Walls doesn't seems to offer much else to do apart walking around the old town.

The only local I manage to chat with told me the people long for being near the water and the sea. 

Although I don't doubt what he said I think this is true for most of the Chinese people and not only in Pingyao.

A little restaurant on the main street of the old town, run by a young local couple barely in their twenties, offers the best food I eat in China: fresh and home made, a rarity during my travel. 

Noodles with beef and Chinese dumplings in Pingyao-style are here my favourite dishes. 

One sight that you can't absolutely miss is the city walls at sunset.

The beauty and importance of the Walls in Pingyao is often celebrated in cerimonies extremely interesting and charming.

A typical shop in Pingyao

The walls are really impressive at sunset, they are inspiring and you can feel all their timeless majesty.

At night the Walls are surrounded by the darkness, apart of the main gates.

The beautiful old facades of the buildings of the old town hide a secret and a treasury of beauty and elegance.

Pingyao grew and prospered as a financial centre in medieval times and everything left of any importance is related to  that time and those vocation.

The beautiful facades are the entrance to wonderful and elegant buildings, with richly decorated courtyards and rooms: they were the first medieval banks of Chinese history.

This is the main and most unique attraction in Pingyao.

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