The People's monument in Tienanmen Square Beijing is one of the many faces of this famous Square in Beijing.
Observe how realistic are the sculpture and how far are from the modern Beijing. 

"Technology. After visiting Tienenmen Square, I leave with the thought that this is the future that the young Chinese people are looking forward to achieve: technology and modernity at all costs".

What is Tiananmen Square today for China?

The many faces of Tiananmen Square.

If the Forbidden City in Beijing represents the past of the Chinese Capital, the adjacent Tiananmen Square undoubtedly represents the present, or maybe it should be said the contemporary.

Tiananmen square is one of the biggest Squares of the world.

Tiananmen square is a huge open area in the heart of Beijing .

At one side of the Square is the Forbidden City, where the Chinese Emperor lived and administered the country, at the opposite side is the huge Zhengyangmen Tower once guarding the entrance of the Town Walls surrounding the old town. At the other two side the recently refurbished China Museum and the People's Palace, two building in classical Soviet - Communist style.

The Tiananmen Square is famous for the democratic attempt of the 1989 and the terrible video of the Chinese tanks killing disarmed students, but it is more than that.

I believe is a good picture of contemporary China.

Tienanmen Square still retains the decorations of the Olympic Games with the Forbidden City in the background
(read our dedicated post about the Forbidden City).

The Impressive People Palace - One of the most amazing Comunist buildings in Beijing -  Read our dedicated post

One of the huge screen installed broadcasting videos celebrating China in history and sport.

What is to see in Tianamen Square and why is so interesting to visit it.

Walking from South to North through the square heavily guarded you leave the times of the Emperor (The Forbidden City) to move towards the times of the Chairman Mao Zedong and its famous Mausoleum where his body is conserved and worshipped like a God everyday by hundred of Chinese people.

The future seems ready to take over soon.

It is palpable the feeling of a sudden change that is going to happen soon in China.

The large screens, literally forming a wall in the middle of Tiananmen Square, broadcast and celebrate the politicians in charge of the Country and the common people, side by side in the videos broadcasted to make a better and modern China.

The videos celebrate China sportsmen and daily life, it feels like the videos are the ones used at the time of the Chinese Olympic Games to celebrate the great architectural and organizational effort Beijing made.

The People's Monument behind the huge screen looks awfully old in comparison, it seems to belong of a different era.

The clothes of the people represented in the People's monument look now old fashioned, if compared with the ones dressed by the many Chinese strolling in the Square.

The future is elsewhere.

It is probably in the corridors of the Underground running under the square pavement, where the walls are fully covered by the adverts of the last mobile phone. So expensive, but so desired for many Chinese people

Technology. After visiting Tienenmen Square, I leave with the thought that this is the future that the young Chinese people are looking forward to achieve: technology and modernity at all costs.

Zhengyangmen Tower a wonderful piece of art in Tienanmen Square

One more sight of Zhengyangmen Tower.

The Mao Zedong Masoleum - click here to read the post about Mao Zedong tomb

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