What is to see in the outskirts of Tours? - Exploring the most beautiful towns in France - Tours #4

What is this post about?

 This post is about one of the most amazing and well preserved dolmen in France.

It is situated just outside the tour and its part of the rich heritage of menhir and dolmens that is present in the North of France.

What is so special about this dolmen?

Apart for its beauty and its dimensions, this dolmen is particulary interesting for the story and the legends to this amazing piece of history.

It has been recently discovered that around this dolmen ritual cerimonies were held to propitiate fertility.

In more recently times the place has been converted in a devotional sanctuary in honor of St Anthony.

It is said that this dolmen was a  meeting point for the fairies.

According with the legend the fairies use to sleep under the dolmen, after having built it in just one night.

Where I should go to see the dolmen?

The dolmen is situated in the outskirts of Tours, in the Commune de Saint Antoine de Rocher, follow the directions for Saint Antoine de Rocher, around 16 km North from Tours town centre.

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