One of the wonderful rooms of the People's Palace in Beijing. the People Palace is a less famous but certainly not less interesting attraction in Beijing and you should absolutely plan a visit if you are in the Chinese Capital.

The People's Palace is one of the most impressive buildings in China and a great example of the art deco in Chinese style.

Here is where Chairman Mao and the other political and most influential leaders of the country met to lead the country; they are still occasionally meet today.

Situated in Tienamen Square, next to the Forbidden City and in front of Mao Zedong Mausoleum, The People's palace is one of the symbols of the political power in China.

Today the People Palace in Tienanmen Square is occasionally used to house international meeting during the visits of foreign ambassadors and representatives.

When not used for official occasions The People's Palace is opened to the public and I think it is extremely interesting to visit it if you are in Beijing.

Visiting the People's Palace help you to have a precious insight of the Communist Era in China and it is certainly an interesting building to visit for its elegant architecture.

Luxury and elegance in Western Style are mixed with a touch of Chinese taste in this majestic palace.

Walk through the huge rooms and corridors of the People's Palace nd you will feel all the majesty of China. This is the idea of the designers of this impressive building.

As a modern Imperial Palace some of the rooms are huge, bare and empty like squares at night, apart for the decorated ceilings and in some rooms the impressive chandeliers.

I love the huge lounge at the entrance, where everything is square, including the two identical watches at the two ends of the room.

The auditorium also theatre with the undulated sky, it is maybe not the sun at the centre of the Palace, but certainly a symbolic star of the People's Palace universe.

The elegant Hall of the People's Palace in Beijing.

A wonderful Chinese painting at the People's Palace in Beijing.

One of the most famous rooms at the People's Palace in Beijing.

A famous painting of Shanghai skyline at the People's Palace in Beijing.

The People's Palace in Beijing in Tiananmen Square. 

Then there are the meeting rooms to visit.

The seats in each meeting room of the People's Palace are always positioned as a horse shoe.

I love the room at the bottom floor, with the neoclassical columns exaggeratedly decorated and the wonderful lights on the ceiling.

Even more impressive is maybe the half spherical crystal light at the second floor above the elegant leather white seats and a wonderful painting of Shanghai river promenade.

Impressive for its size is also the banqueting room, with dozen and dozen of art deco lamps on the ceiling.

Certainly the People's Palace perfectly represents the Communist architecture in China and so perfectly fits in the architecture of the historic Tiananmen Square.

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